Students are welcome to join at any time during the year. A student may attend a meeting, free, and speak with a club manager regarding joining.  Students that are interested in joining North Texas Veterinary Science must be a current Denton County resident.  All students and parents must register with 4H, by registering in 4H connect ($20 for students, $10 for parents).  Students must re-enroll each 4H year (August to July).

PARENTS: Please register as well if you plan to volunteer at any of our events.

Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade, please purchase the following:

  • Junior Textbook from Universtiy of Nebraska (please see book information)

  • 3 ring 1" binder

  • package of notebook paper

  • 3 ring pencil pouch


Students 6th grade and above, please purchase and organize as followed:

  • Textbook:  Veterinary Science text by Dr. Floron C. Faries, Jr.  (please see book information)

  • Textbook Key:  Veterinary Science Key by Dr. Floron Faries, Jr. (please see book information)

  • 3 ring 2" binder

  • package of notebook paper

  • 1 package of 8 tab dividers

  • Highlighter

  • 3 ring pencil pouch (optional)


*** Once you purchase the tab dividers, please mark the tabs accordingly:

1st Tab:  L/A  1-25
2nd Tab: L/A   26-50
3rd Tab:  L/A   51-75
4th Tab:  L/A   76-100
5th Tab:  Lesson Plans
6th Tab:  Notes
7th Tab:  Program Materials
8th Tab:  Miscellaneous

Get Involved

How to Join

For each 4H year (this is defined as August to July),  All students must register and pay a fee of $20, (through 4H Connect), up to October 31, to the 4-H Denton County 4-H office.  After October 31, 4-H fees increase to $25 for the year. 4H dues are payable each year. Students who wish to become members in the North Texas Veterinary Science program, pay $10, per student, per year. Additional costs include book(s) which may be found under the heading Book Info.  
Other costs may incur during the year, such as field trips, t-shirts, club activities, etc.


Cost to Join

Supplies to Purchase

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