Program Requirements

Students in sixth grade and above, work through a series of lessons and activites in a five year plan.  Students are to complete monthly lessons and minimum of 10 activities per year, for a maximum of 50 activities for the duration of the time they are in the program.   Students are also asked to volunteer and perform hands-on activites under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian, for a minimum of 500 clinical hours.  


Students that successfully complete all 100 lessons, 50 activities, volunteer 500 clinical hours, and complete the 78 skill requirements, set by the TVMA, will be awarded a certificate of completion from North Texas Vet Science 4H  Club.  


It is each students responsiblity for securing a veterinarian of their choice to allow them to volunteer in their clinic.   Students must have the veterinarian inital the volunteer form each time they they are in the clinic.  The apprenticeship log form can be found at, under the headings Program Information, Curriculum resources, Forms.


Although attendance is not mandatory, it is recommended that students attend all meetings.   Students learn most from attending the meetings and and listening to speakers, and taking part in hands-on activiites.  Roll call is taken at each meeting.  

Testing Requirements

Once students have successfully completed club requirements and have reached the minimum age of 16, they can apply to take a state certification test through TVMA, to become a certified veterinary assistant.


To take the test through TVMA, students will contact TVMA directly:


Director of Training and Certification 

Texas Veterinary Medical Association

8104 Exchange Drive

Austin, Texas 78754

Phone:  (512) 452-4224


Under the heading tab Certifications, select CVA.  On the left side of the page is a column that reads Certifications.  Find the heading CVA, Level 1, and select 4H Application and Checklist


This will bring you to a page with an application along with 78 skills that are needing to be completed, prior to testing.  Please print all pages.  


Each of the 78 skills shall be completed with the assisting veterinarian or registered technician.


Requirements for testing are the following:

1.  Completion of all 100 lessons

2.  Completion of 50 activities

3.  Completion of a minimum of 500 clinical hours with a veterinarian or certified technician

4.  Completion of the 78 skills.


Once the above rquirements have been met, the student must submit the application, club managers scorecard, documentation of apprenticeship log sheet, payment for test to TVMA.  TVMA will make a decision to have student tested.


A test will be sent to a club manager, and returned by the club manager, to TVMA for grading.  TVMA will issue a certification based on the test and program requirements.


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